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Are you frustrated with your wardrobe and your whole look, struggling at the thought of shopping, don’t know what styles, shapes or colours work for you?   

We will spend the day working together to collaborate the best looks for your lifestyle. Taking you to the nearest city to you to open your eyes to the vast array of possibilities out there. 

( all packages over £180 come with a dossier so you can refer back to remind you, for easy use.)

Half day from £180
full day from £350

Fashion Store Clerk

Want a personal shopping trip that is less daunting and more cozy. Do you want to help your local independent boutiques out-This is the package for you.  We will shop close to your home, meet the owners and work closely to get the looks and styles for you in a relaxed & friendly enviroment.

Packages From £100

keep it local


Amanda C Farrow