WINTER SPICE...A Twist on a classice favourite, with all the essence that capsulates christmas in this candle you cant help feel comforted, relaxed and at ease with this scent, whilst also being rejuvenated by the spice to add a well needed boost at winter to your Soul. The ultimate winter health check up to comfort and regenerate all in one, pefect for Winter and Perfect for Gifts. 


To use this candle for massage, and to ensure ultimate relaxation and safety, we recommend it to be used by a qualified massage therapist.


Directions of Use: Before lighting, ensure the candle is clear of all obstructions, on a non-flammable level surface, and in a room free of all drafts.


You can now light the candle, which should be allowed to burn for around one hour, prior to treatment. This should not be left unattended and should remain in sight during this time.


After one hour burn time, your oil pool should now be enough to use during treatment. Take your candle glass by the base, and into the other cupped hand, pour a pool of oil, amounting to the size of a two pence piece.


After putting the candle back on your safe surface, rub both hands together and massage into the skin keeping the warm wax oil moving. This will keep the wax from re-setting and give you enough moisture to glide smoothly over the skin.


  • Hand Poured 
  • Made in the UK
  • Vegan friendly
  • Wales with love
  • Animal Cruelty Free

20 hours burn time.

Winter Spice - Theraputic Massage Candle 9cl

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