Description....These melts are made with Top quality soya wax and our oil scents used are the highest quality so your melts last longer and radiate fragrance throughout your home. We have 14 different spring/ summer scents in our NEW collection. ( see list below) Each bag will vary in a mix of scents as these are sample bags. We will be taking orders for your favourite scents in the future, please message us for more information.


Dependent on quantity items either come boxed or bagged with luxury seal (subject to availability packaging may vary) (Pictures are showcasing the items for display)



We ask you please follow the INSTRUCTIONS and WARNINGS when using any flammable item. Unlike other products we sell, these melts are just a HOME FRAGRANCE and NOT TO BE USED ON THE BODY- These may cause serious reaction and harm as they are designed for HOME FRAGRANCE USE ONLY!!!!!!



Please remove all packaging and place the wax melt in your oil burner. Always place your oil burner on a flat surface- ideally a fireproof surface, and keep out of reach from children, pets, and away from droughts at all times. We advise you use with an unscented Tealight. Do not move whilst lit. These are NOT to get confused with other products we sell and are NOT to be used on the skin in any way, or it may cause HARM!



NEW Spring/ Summer Fragrance List.....

  • Lime Basil & Mandarin (Big white heart)
  • Pink Sands (White shells)
  • FloZora Spring Time (white flowers)
  • Lime & Coconut (Green)
  • Seychelles (Yellow)
  • Oud & Bergamot (white Face/ Flower)
  • FloZora Mountain Air (Blue)
  • Blossom & Breeze (white stars)
  • Spa Day (lilac)
  • Beach Life (Stalk)
  • Relax (Big white heart)
  • Bahama Breeze (Aquamarine)
  • Pure Island Water (med hearts/ Flowers)
  • Moethus (mixed)


Due to the nature of this product we WILL NOT accept REFUNDS or EXCHANGES (please see our refunds & policies for further information)

Mixed Bag of Melts