What do you think of our NEW LOOK???

Its kept us all busy most of February, but finally we are pleased to have our NEW WEBSITE up and running, as our website is our main STORE virtually, and in a world where there are so many other virtual stores, like when you have a physical store and have a re-paint or a move around of rails, it is the same for us. it feels like only 2 mins ago we’ve vamped our website and the feedback was amazing, but as we have evolved online and with our products and services, we felt it only fitting to design a NEW website that capsulates all that. keeping the same easy shopping format but with more style information and easy read policy’s and page information, that makes this full and exciting website, informative but easy and concise.

We won’t talk too much on this blog as there’s a lot of NEW info and NEW places to navigate, so check it out, and please let us know what you think?? we can also adapt and change it as with any NEW website for a few weeks it can still be a work in progress as we start to see traffic use it, and problems naturally do arise, but there isn’t something we can’t fix or try to help you with. So please don’t be scared, its still as simple as before just a NEW look and a NEW vibe taking us into a NEW era, as we continue our journey navigating our lives in a NEW virtual world of shopping experiences.

At sienna Skye boutique we are trying to balance that old and new shopping experience right here for you!!!!!

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