what a week.....

I cant even begin to tell you what a week i have had and now this week, our NEW pre-spring collection has arrived so we are pricing, taking basic pictures till we can get better professional photoshoots shoots, hopefully this weekend, we will see!!

BUT on an even bigger positive my courses are going well, and my tutors feed back has been mindblowing. Even though this week il be cutting it to the wire this weekend,as im having a mini op/camera on saturday and with the New lines landing and all the ordering and calls, thers only so many hours in the day. but im also being mindful to say no as ive been suffering with my mental health as you know, but since opening up to my loyal customers my #ssb tribe/family. I already feel a massive release and knowing ive opened up and ive been honest with myself and im getting the help i need, is a big relief. The MH team have said it will be a long and hard process, but if i can loose my daughter and wake up every day and achieve what ive achieved, then i can do this. Also my sons been suffering a bit in lock down, so i want to set a positive example to a teenage boy that its ok as a man to show emotions......which links on nicely to what else weve been doing!!! weve been making soya melts, something crafty to help my son & me in this Lock down, its been a family bonding time with nana who is also in our covid bubble, and we already have requests for orders, which makes me as his mother so proud, so as soon as our first batch cure they will be on thier way out and for sale on our website SOON!!!

Ive really loved this years spring buying, we have taken a different aproach and with expanding with the demand for our personal stylist services since closing our shop, we are so excited to be back doing what we do best, and we have created NEW Packages with ways to mix sienna skye boutique and collab with local boutiques or other online quirky wesites, which leads on to my next blog.... the BLOUSE!!!!! This is one your not going to want to miss, it will open your eyes so much!!!

In the mean time im back to reading these assignment notes and getting the New arrivals online, so like i said, if we can just get them up maybe fingers crossed in time for weekend if not certainly the week after, you'll be shopping away till your hearts content and my blogs will be starting back, showcasing all these fabulous goodies and discusssing more style tips live!!

on a funny note....Does anyone else wish they had a 36 hours in the day and a sweet that gave you the energy to work so fast and be super efficient and then a super herbal tea that had you asleep in seconds in a deep sleep for just 4 hours and that would be enough, and then all over again...... so to mr scientists out there, while your board and not doing much like finding vaccines for covid, can YOU PLEASE just work on this energy boost and eay sleep just for me hahahahahahhhahahah

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