The 6 Most important FACTORS to consider when working out what colours suit & what clothes to buy!

As a stylist or beautician or any trade in this visual image conscious world, with modern-day technology and evolving times, we are always learning and keeping up with modern day trends, For example in beauty there is a lot more accessibility for the Botox generation, and as hair stylists there are real hair extensions and even highlights are done with new ombre techniques and foils rather than caps. I’m not saying old school methods aren’t still used, but the nature of our business is to keep to date and current. I love to learn and as a stylist I learnt on the job itself and through professional mentors, tutorials and short courses, but one thing I’d never had a class on per say was colouring. Since doing my Diploma I specialised in this to gain more of the cutting-edge latest knowledge as I knew there had to be more than colour wheels and endless charts to bombard my clients with. I also learned the latest ways to talk about colouring, something a lot of my customers hate and get so overwhelmed with. I’m lucky that this is a skill that came natural to me but I became fixated with wanting to alleviate that stress and dread off my clients and make it simple for them, so they didn’t have to carry around a wallet of colours. I now know the latest and best ways to write it down for clients to refer back to on their phones, and it’s a dossier I created that they can have at the touch of a button. Colour analysis is a big part of styling it’s like a creative passion like an artist knowing what paints to use and where to create certain light and dark shade and curves or angles, My colour choosing is a natural ability, I’ve always been able to guess peoples colouring and Knew what looked well and for 9/10 got it spot on with my clients. Not because i had a colour wheel to tell me provided by a company, because I didn’t know such things existed till I was introduced to a lovely lady called Sonia 3 years back. But I had learnt this subconsciously because for 20 years I gained so much invaluable experience by going to beauty school, being a hair model since the age of 11, working in salons, hair shows, selling makeup, and just generally from an early age had a massive interest in fashion and beauty that I would absorb and retain all this information from a lot of top industry professionals. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by these specialists in the hair, beauty & fashion industry, these experts in their field trained years, and as colour was a big part of their work, it started to rub off on me. I still to this day ask all my stylists and beauticians questions, this knowledge and practicing and doing it for 20 years has taught me valuable lessons I still use to this very day, as well as mixing it with modern day ways as well, bringing the best information to you.

Now I did this blog not to go on about me, but I needed to give you back ground how I got all this information, and how I have compacted it in this simple blog and into a program I created which you too can learn what to do in a quicker simple way. You too can then start to explore my techniques and from one consultation with me I will show you my secrets and show you the simplest and best way you can be your own stylist like me, but not have spent 20 years with industry professionals.

I take into consideration 3 main and IMPORTANT factors, I call these the BASE FACTORS

  1. Hair colour

  2. Skin tone

  3. Makeup

Once I’ve worked out 12&3 I also then ask a client their variable factors, which are their fashion needs, considering their changeable moods, and their changeable personality’s ( as we all have a work and weekend personality’s) and then finally I advise clients to consider a hair style to match and coordinate with all of this ( think of this as the cherry on the cake)!!

This then goes back to 1,2 & 3 and if you’re like me and change all the time, you can use this simple method to adapt your wardrobe and interchange it regally!!Therefore if you change your hair regularly, you’ll need to consider changing your style and thus your wardrobe to match. Sounds tricky hey and like it will cost you a fortune, but This is where going to a specialist colourist can have its disadvantages, as you can pay £400s for that consultation and take home a book of colours, where as if you are a person like most women who change their hair & makeup as often as the weather changes, and maybe vary their tan on top of that, then move house to the city, that initial consultation is no longer appropriate.

You need to take a step back and look at yourself, your lifestyle, your future plans, your immediate future, but also consider your ever-changing individual needs, you need a program which is flexible and easy to understand…. All this and more is where I come in. I can create a plan for you that contains a personally designed flexible capsule wardrobe to encompass so many of your BASE FACTORS AND VARIABLE FACTORS. These 2 important groups of factors I can assist you and we can discuss; you will then have a Capsule wardrobe that is the basis and foundation so you can gradually go shopping and add to this and you’re ever changing and evolving needs.

Now what are VARIABLE FACTORS you ask?????

A. Lifestyle needs- Job, home life (city or countryside) do you commute on public transport, Health needs?

B. personality (everyone has a unique personality and sometimes we have different persona to match our careers and differentiate from our home life.

C. moods (I don’t know about you I think I have over 100 and that’s in just one day, a mood in the morning can reflect what you want to wear and what you do end up wearing inevitably enhances your mood.

YOUR VARIABLR FACTORS A,B&C impact YOUR BASE FACTORS 1,2&3 and as AB&C & 1,2 &3 can be regularly changing, think of the many combinations you can have and create, its just mind blowing and that’s where women get stuck. it’s not just about colour and what style suits, it’s the whole collection of information and data that it is my job to process and analyse for you, and with the latest modern styling techniques I will put it into simple layman’s terms so you can access this information easily.


you see imagine you went to a colourist and they said black didn’t suit you and you needed to wear pink red and orange, yet your job was very conservative like a funeral director or a news presenter or a mayor with a cape and your bright pink dress popping through, that just wouldn’t work, hence why all these secondary VARIABLE FACTORS must be considered too just as importantly as your BASE FACTORS 1,2 & 3.

So to learn more and book a Free 20 min phone consultation to understand my insightful methodology and have a unique style consultation that will impact and change your life by simplifying what can be overwhelming message me TODAY I want to help you in one day what I learnt in 20 years, and you will leave with the in-depth style knowledge, that you will be confident to know both your styles & colours for all your lifestyle needs for a long time to come!!

I Hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful,

Love Amanda C Farrow styling @ Sienna Skye Boutique

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