#saturdaystyle making the most of those miserable cold winter days...

Coordinating looks can be really simple, Here's some basic Tips, especially when your not in the mood on these horrible winter days....

1. Think about a BASE COLOUR . mine here is my denim jeans but ironically Ive coordinated it with black which is another base colour so which ever way you look at it there's a main colour to start as your base point.

2. Add items that are PRACTICAL, today it was raining and I needed a hat, it wasn't overly cold so didn't go with a Bob hat so wore this new popular style to make the look edgy, a great way of making your look a little unique.

3.ACCESSORIES are important aswell as practical and sometimes tie the look together. I wanted colour so added it in the form of a bag.

4. Make the look COHESIVE...

The colour of my bag alone could look like I plonked a random coloured accessory, so by coordinating my lippy it made it more cohesive. You could do this in other ways ie, a scarf or Neclace, or even colour in clothing but I decided to stick with my practical dark outfit and add colour that came together with my lippy.

So over all a simple look that was fully coordinated and looked nice, was practical and was comfy too.

It sometimes easy in winter months to not make as much effort, but today I felt amazing, I felt confident, I certainly was warm and dressed appropriately and more importantly, I loved my look, not current, not nessicarily on trend but was perfect for me.

Today's look....

Jumper @siennaskyeboutique

Jeans @shopmatalan

Boots @newlook

Hat @primark

Bag @kurtgeiger

Phone case @burgaofficial

Lipstick @hotombre.cosmetics

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