NEVER GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS.... No matter the adversities, dreams can slowly become a reality!

I Had my first personal styling client since being qualified (not my 1st client ever, must be about my 200th client I've helped) but it feels so good especially now having a full diploma that I completed since losing Sienna and not finishing qualifications because of life’s tragedy’s, but I took the plunge and I'm now finally fully qualified. Monday’s client was for a man to empower him, and it feels so good, expanding more and more and helping so many more people!!

I've sadly heard negativity and its never truly bothered me, but what I don't like Is hearing women in my field and other shops putting me down and it subsequently spreading and people judging me through one person's jealousy. Especially when women should be supporting each other, I've done nothing but shop at every shop I can think of locally to support them, and sadly it wasn't always reciprocated, but hey ho, I am what I am, and I will always be a supporter of women and will continue to not be jealous ( as that's not me, I know my self-worth, my talent, my amazing skills and I have no need to worry) and I will continue to support my fellow stylist, fashion shops like I always have, and if I don't buy as I have so many clothes hahaha I will continue to mention them in my blogs and vlogs!!

At @siennaskyeboutique We were one of the first in Wales to start photo shoots, the first to empower women with our #empoweringeachotherproject , the first to do blogs and present style vlogs and the first to have an Inhouse experienced stylist and now a qualified one and an I house photographer. We will always be a step ahead and that is because of our continued passion and how we live for the love of fashion and helping others. what I've done for 5 years for a career full time and having my sad life experience, I have never stopped taking anything for granted, we were the first fashion shop to do free local delivery’s and free locals services during covid, that helped so many who couldn't get out, even taking the time to talk to our customers who were lonely and sad, knocking on when we were in the area to check in on our customers and clients, as they were not just here and about spending money with us, they meant more to us, as they are our #ssbfamily and our #ssbtribe because we genuinely as a team and company care for people and our #ssbfamilycommunity !!!!

For all those haters who've put ( Amanda) me down and been jealous of my success at Sienna Skye Boutique and thought I was a fraud, well your all wrong, with 20 years performance, beauty, styling, working on TV, theatre, weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots and featured in several fashion magazines and shows, my success and Confidence has only grown from doing it every day for 5 years full time freelance and at Sienna Skye Boutique I started styling at 20 and between performing to earn extra cash by being an assistant stylist and then a personal stylist, I've never stopped with my love and passion for fashion, clothes and all things beauty, confidence and style related!!!

So, as I celebrate this pinacol moment and look back at my life's struggles and all I’ve achieved, I know how hard I've worked, how good I am, and continue to be and continue to grow. You are always learning in this evolving industry, and I’ts important for my clients that I ever that and Continue to learn and gain more and more experience. So, I take this opportunity to say f#*k you to all my haters and a massive massive love and gratitude to all my family friends and clients who stood by me and supported me always with my dreams, goals and evolving career in performing, teaching, empowering and fashion styling across all genres!! I've been so blessed and here's to preying the film, TV and theatre industry get up and running in full swing and I can pursue more dreams and goals and travel with my wealth of knowledge & experience and more so now with my NEW ADVANCED qualification as a personal stylist, specialising in editorial magazine fashion, TV and film.

The world's my oyster and I can't wait to share my knowledge with my #siennaskyeboutique clients- as a thank you to all my supporters don't forget all services are half price, and if you book before the end of May 2021, you have a year to use it!!! With an extra free gift to say thank you.

my final words to you....Never give up, no matter how hard it may be, or how far away that end goal seems, you can do it!!Dont compare yourself to anyone, its not a race, enjoy the journey and the learning process. Believe in yourself, be your own cheerleader and when those difficult days overwhelm you where you want to qui, turn to those around you who are positive!! And if you have noone... well, message me, il be here to empower you, like you have empowered me, and helped my dreams come true!!!

Love always amandacfarrowstyling @siennaskyeboutique

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