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Gosh its been a while, where has the time flown. Its so nice to be back blogging again, and you will hopefully see alot more of me, so please LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT so i know you want more of this. Anyway after a lot of messages enquiring about my lip colours and how I get such great bold lips. Heres my routine and Top Tips, just intime for heres how to to get my perfect valentine pucker!!

1. It’s all about preparation, I keep my lips well moisturised, I'm not one for lip scrubs but if I have to, I lather my lips in Vaseline and use a gentle mitt to rub off any dead skin. This is very rare i do this, maybe 3 times a year in very cold months.

2. I always stay hydrated, I've learnt to have good skin, hair, nails and lips it's from the inside, I keep well hydrated drinking lots of water, I have no caffeine and I consume a lot of vitamins. (to which always seek medical advice)

3. Moisturise is key, not only my good face routine morning and night, but also every night before going to bed I wear lip care. Depending on your budget I've tried most.

At the upper end of the budget scale, I love 8-hour Elizabeth Arden cream or Clinique moisture lip care stick. At the other end of the scale and just as good I use home bargains eros lip care or a care balm from the Swedish Avon called Oriflame. I have one in my bag, one by bed and one in every coat, lounge table, you name it, I’m always prepared to moisturise my lips 24/7.

4. Then it's ALL about great lipstick and for me I really love 2 brands. Now Ive personally found you can't beat mac for bold colour pallets and lasting hold that doesn't bleed. But most recently I am always wearing the MATT lip look and I'm in love with matt lipsticks from BodyShop or my extra favourite is in the duel ended matt lipstick by hot ombre... And it does just that, creates the perfect ombre effect, which adds to my bold look. They aren’t cheap and if I'm honest I'm yet to find any GREAT lipsticks that are cheap. I personally have found investing in good quality lipsticks makes all the difference, as they are organic, filled with more nutrients, as Well as standing the test of time which most cheap lipsticks do one of the other, which I find bleed and don't last.

Top Tip

  • First I conceal my lip area to create highlight, then I use a brown/black eye pencil to use as lip line, then using a lip brush or the end smudger or the pencil, I smudge this in. (By having concealer light contrasting against the dark brown it creates a precise line and high definition look, which is popular with icons such as Kim K! like her or loath her, it adds to great lip definition)

  • I then apply lip stick with a brush or with the applicator in the matt hot Ombre.

  • I always blot gently with tissue on the lipsticks but the matt ones I just air dry.

Top Tip

  • Then I top up accordingly, as you know I'm always eating, drinking and talking, and i loathe that old 1980s hooker look, its just not me... However, my biggest tip to combat this is I always carry 4 essesntials- wipes, concealer, eye pencil and lippy. ( not only individually are these 4 essentials able to create a full face of makeup in a hurry or needing to travel light, but they are perfect for the next step)

  • If my lip stick cracks or looks rubbed off I do a full re apply. It's better to start again than touch up more than twice. So throughout the day my lip stick looks flawless and as though it's catwalk ready and always fresh!!

Top Tip

  • its important to find shades that suit you. It's all good and well to copy celebrity's colours or what’s on trend but we all have different colourings and wear different colours too. Do you know your skin tone? what warm or cool tones are best for you?

  • It best to always liase with a professional. E.g. a beautician for a makeup consultation or why not BOOK a style & colour consultation with me, where I can show you shades in a full makeover that i talk you through. We work with colours that that suit your tone in both makeup and fashion.

We then work together to coordinate new and exhisting styles needs, so you get the whole professional experience thats tailored JUST FOR YOU. With your own coordinating style profile for you to keep and refere to, (It even opens on your phone so you can take it with you as you shop.) it the best way for you to Feel confident groomed, and super sexy every day with your own PERSONALISED style profile at your fingertips.

And that's me, that's my flawless lipstick look. My secrets and key tips, what essentials i carry throughout the day, and my perfect shades which I always coordinate to elevate my style. I hope you find this helpful and be sure to share this blog and post so more of your friends can enjoy it, and dont forget with 25% off services in january, NOW is the perfect time to book, so hurry dont miss out!!

love Amanda x

#SSB in house stylist

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