Jeans, Genes and Genies… I wish, I wish, I wish, I could find the perfect jeans!!

Now sorry ladies, I do not have an answer to the perfect genetic makeup, nor do I have a magic lamp, but I do have some tips to help you find the perfect jeans, and when I say perfect, I mean perfect for YOU and also perfect for YOUR vision. I’m fed up as a professional stylist that I read endless articles and reviews on jeans that tell you what to wear, and what so call fit suits your shape. I’m going to contradict myself now, as it is important to dress yourself the right way overall in the right shape and colour and fit, BUT as an exception if you’re a major fashionista and want to be current and explore and have fun and make a statement or develop your fashion expression, there’s nothing wrong with playing around with the taboo (grey area) and wearing something that you so call shouldn’t wear. I love to make a statement and thrive off knowing fashion well, that I’ve been able to predict and have most styles for 2 years before everyone else had them, like the rucksacks we had them in store in 2018, and Balenciaga style shoes were big in 2019 and everyone in 2021 now wants them. So like people have gifts, I have had this insight since I was 15, I’ve always loved fashion, the way it makes you feel and I can’t deny I don’t love the attention (as vane as it seems that statement )the love you get from the compliments, does give you a confidence boost. More importantly I’m all for self-love and empowering yourself, so as I got older whether people compliment me or not, I learnt to be bold and brave and in control of my fashion decisions. As I’m secure in my body, my image and the way I feel, I know I can rely on myself and my best friend “FASHION”, who has been there for me in the good and bad times of my life, to allow me to express myself and I have always pushed the boundary’s especially in what you should and shouldn’t wear.

Now getting back on track and back to my point, yes you might be a pear shape and bootcut might be the best for you, and lucky you, that this year boot cut is massive in 2021 and making a comeback!! BUT what about the slim, or the apple, what about those women that are told to avoid them, how can you embrace the fashion trend that everyone is talking about and feel a part of something special, why should you miss out on those compliments, or special Instagram moments…. SOOO….

Below are 4 pairs of jeans different styles, cut, lengths and sizes and bar one that is the un written rule in clothing (size) I am embracing a style of jeans that doesn’t suit me. so say the style doesn’t so call suit me, im showing you how I can wear them, by accessorising the top half, so actually its not too bad, and so I hope this blog helps you look at fashion through your own eyes and creative vision, and how if your body doesn’t lean towards a current trend, how you can maybe wear it to be current, but look just as good in your own unique way!!!

Don’t get me wrong I say this with a warning, I do not wear crop tops with bright green cycling shorts so I make everyone vomit, but this is taken in a context to highlight how we can all adapt and broaden our style portfolio to re-use old trends, embrace new ones and most importantly have fun with fashion to make you feel great!!!!

Pair No 1 American Eagle rise rip jegging in medium wash. US12 31W

This standard stretch legging is a great staple to my apple shape, my legs are slim so I can get away with skin tight looking trousers, but normally I stay clear of dark blue jeans unless I’m really tanned and wearing a bold colour top to balance the colour like seen on this picture.

STYLE TIP… if a style suits you shape or you like it, think about changing the colour of it to suit your pallet or add another complimentary colour else where to draw attention away, thus balancing the aesthetic and overall look. Fashion is about balance and being pleasing to the eye and it can be done in so many ways. If you want a colour evaluation so you know the colours that suit you, visit our services page or message me for a FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION.

Pair No 2 Urban Bliss straight leg jean. UK14

These are a no no…. they just DON’T FIT- regardless of style, colour and shape they don’t fit me at all, and I want to highlight the importance of fit, and also if you look at my next pair, it’s the same brand, same size yet different shape and it fits, which leads on to my TOP TIP…. don’t assume the same brand sizing is an issue, the company may use different designers, templates and seamstresses and sometimes even the same pair, size, design and colour can be different, so make sure to check descriptions for measurements or sizing information and where you can try them on, like @ sienna Skye boutique we have 14 day policy where you can get a full refund, o plenty of opportunities to try on, or book a visit to our showroom and try on for your hearts content.

Pair No 3 Urban Bliss ripped Boyfriend jean. UK14.

After trying a pair that wouldn’t barely go over my butt in the same brand, these trousers were a little tight on the waist but looked so much better. Now I would never normally do a boyfriend cut, but I’m trying as a stylist to embrace change, so I can lead by example. I’m fed up of seeing stylists Instagram pages and wearing the same looks 10 years ago and charging the earth for style consultations when they know nothing about the fashion world and don’t explore current designers and looks. So, these next two pairs where I have worn a top that isn’t fitted yet the Knott and tied t-shirt gives the illusion of a waist which comes in at the waist and where the trouser goes straight down and would normally do nothing for me. Also, with rips and a lighter fabric it breaks up the design and also with my light nautical top and hat in shades of blue adds a complimentary colour pallet to balance the overall look!!

Pair No 4 Stradivarius straight leg ripped Blue jean. EU 44.

I wanted to show an alternative brand that is similar to above yet the size is bigger, which goes to show brands differ. I teamed this with a black layered rollneck top that is amazing for creating a evening look, yet its ruffles hides my bumps but the fitted shape creates a waist where the jean sits wider on my hip, adding a heel and a bag rather than a t-shirt and trainers shows a different variations in which you can wear the classic jean dressier and casual depending what you add with it.

STYLIST THOUGHTS…. Don’t forget those ladies or men who hate jeans and feel they can never get it right, what about a denim shirt, or blouse, or jacket, or coat, or even denim trainers and hats?? There are so many ways in which you can embrace the denim trend, so no need to feel disheartened if you’ve not found the pair for you yet or just don’t like them!!

So my overall point is, as a stylist we do recommend for ease and for money value to have a style colour consultation that simplifies and makes your life and shopping process easy, but for those that like to play with fashion there is no written rule, just gather the knowledge or book with a stylist to develop your look on deeper levels rather than a simple outlook. Why not learn the advanced techniques and get the confidence off a style mentor, so you can wear current trends and adapt them to suit you, your shape and your lifestyle, all while having lots of fun, and growing more and more confident in your decision you make a statement with the latest fashion trends.

If you want more information on the NEW ADVANCED technique & service that i can offer you, so it makes it possible for you to adapt these current trend looks in such a way to suit you and make them wearable to an outfit you would feel very comfortable and excited to wear. if this is something you would like to achieve and receive your own 15 page dossier for your body type and style, and get personalised advice on how you can learn to turn unconventional fashion styles that don’t necessarily normally enhance your shape, to an outfit you’d be excited to wear, then get in touch and have a consultation from myself where you can learn how to make these styles your own with a unique and fresh twist. It’s a great way for those sustainably conscious and love retro looks, or if you have kept fashions that are generations old and need a re boot and some inspiration… I am currently offering a Free 20 min consultation where we can discuss ideas to inspire you. And if you book in spring to take your consultation in the next 12 months, all packages are half price!! To see our one to one style consultation price list, get in touch today!!

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