Bringing back the 90s butterfly clip hairstyle to elevate a basic T-shirt style

A different makeup look and an old school 90s hairstyle, to add life into a classic daily wardrobe look...

I love a bold lip by @hotombre.cosmetics but I wanted to tye all the colouring in so it was more cohesive rather than drawing attention to just my lips. My eyes and cheeks are a similar colour from a mixed pallete I purchased from @debenhams before it closed, and by reducing my usual dark lip line, the lip colour had a less dramatic look and softened the colour.

The last few days whilst being busy, I didn't have chance to wash my hair, so I used clips to create a one sided look. I like a side parting as I feel with un washed hair it hides the grease, but rather than just one clip, I did 4 small twists and used small clips.

This technique was big in the 90s, I think I was inspired by the rachel look of friends, but mixing it with a new short hair look that has been freshly coloured is popular for 2022.

I love mixing styles, especially eras to play around with my styles. Then with a plain t-shirt and black pants, it added a simple twist to a classic casual look.

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