Are you struggling to find the right hat?Here are some inspiring tips/ideas brought to you by Amanda

From one hat lover to the next I have always loved hats, from my first show bonnet as a 5 year old doing a dance solo, to being a teenager thinking I was new kids on the block cool, wearing a Kangol hat back to front, which 30 years later my dad still used up until a few years ago the right way round for jobs on his farm. I watched Les mes when i was 9 and I lived in a baker boy hat for years, from the first time i visited bond street in London when i was just 11 and purchased my first baker Boy hat and matching coat that I got from Top shop. Back then it was like something my eyes had never seen before. it opened my eyes to the world of fashion and since visiting that 3 storey store back in year 7 at highschool, and having an annual fashion trip every september for a school coat from There, the London Fashion scene has played a very big part in my life and in my heart.

Any opportunity to wear a hat I’m there, but since hitting my 20s I wear hats almost daily and I don’t care if people think it’s too much, I just love the way they make me feel by finishing off an outfit and i love the way it can frame my face and just add that extra detail to my whole look.

I get so many compliments on my hats and style and comments like, "I wish i could wear a hat like you", well you can!!! So I’ve devised this blog to showcase some popular hats that are making a comeback, or been around a while, and as everyone is not so confident to wear a hat, I want to inspire you and show you there are some less obvious versions that work just as well, and that there is a hat or head accessory for everyone.

Im a passionate advocate for headwear, and i hope this opens your eyes to different hat styles and how to wear them........

  • Its important when buying a hat to buy the right size and my advice is always have a tape measure to hand. If a hat is not sized in cm/inch, and comes in small medium or large, google the sizing ratio for that country and don’t be afraid to message the company. I personally like to by hats slightly Bigger, yes, they can fall off if it’s too big, but there is nothing worse than flat hair and tight rim marks around your forehead. It is just a simple problem to amend and if you go to a local haberdashery store or one on line and by hat foam so that the hat fits snug, there is less chance of those dreaded marks that can really hurt and look very displeasing, and you will find it sits comfortable and adjust well subject to the style of hair you wear that day.

  • Be sure to buy from a reputable company who has hat knowledge and experience, however saying that I came across a new company on Etsy and it one of the best hats I’ve ever bought, so be open minded, but don’t buy for cheapness as from experience wool hats or tailored hats do cost for better shapes and quality. Just look at links on Instagram or google millinery’s and you will see the work that goes into making tailored hats so it makes sense that you pay at least over £30 starting for a good hat, anything under that price and from these companies abroad I would avoid especially when it comes to hats sizing there heads can be smaller and they take 16 weeks to arrive and exchanging or returning can be a nightmare.

  • Here is a list of companies I have used and can vouch for…. Asos, Kooples, River island, Cotswold hat company, Sienna Skye Boutique (of course WINK WINK) Powder, Lock hatters, Madog Millinery, Etsy.

  • Hat placement is so important, speak to a stylist for advice or the hat company on how the hat should be worn, hats are not as straight forward as putting on a skirt or shoes, they can sit on your frontal temples, tilted back, or side to side and the material can be shaped to lean in different directions, half the battle is how you wear your hat and that’s what puts people off buying them. Spend some time trying on the hat, looking in a mirror and trying it in different placements. A good boutique or stylist can offer this service so be sure to enquire if they have hat styling or millinery knowledge and experience, if they know how the hat is made, and know about the materials and styles and most importantly hat history, there’s a good chance they can help you find a hat that suits you.

  • Be mindful of colour, don’t write off straight away that a hat doesn’t suit you, as you can see below these 3 berets look good, but one looks better and also goes with more of my outfits and clothing. Try varied colour options on, and if you don’t know what colours suit you why not book a colour Analysis consultation to know colours that work for you and compliment your current wardrobe needs. For more info message me @ or message me @ Amanda c farrow styling on Instagram or Facebook or via our #siennaskyeboutique page.


At Amanda Farrow styling, I have around 30 styles of hats and head wear you can try, I can help you find a style that suits you, or if you have a hat you’ve previously bought and don’t know how to wear, bring it to a one to one consultation where I can teach you and help you how to wear and style up your hat to suit your look. so why not book an appointment today to have a hat consultation with me, or visit our Sienna Skye Boutique show room to try on our New range of hats available on line

I hope you’ve enjoyed these hat tips and if you’d like tips on other products or styles message me, and if your buisness would like to be featured, message me.

Love Amanda xxx

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