These have to be what we are most proud of and we are so lucky to have such a great team at Sienna Skye Boutique…..From the beginning we realised seeing clothes on women was going to make the items stand out so the products were there to see, however with models of the so-called “perfect size” not being a real representation of the women and customers that shopped with us, we knew that using real women from our local community would represent us and the brand we wanted to create. We believe fashion has no age limits and no size limits and as long as you feel good in it, and it supports your needs, that’s all that matters, and our team (family members mum Barbara, Juliet and Amanda) all had something different to offer being a variety of ages and size.

Amanda was our first model, shortly followed by Barbara, they both were on a personal journey, with a recent cancer recovery and loss of their daughter/ granddaughter Sienna Skye. Both women confidences had took a dive and they were both on recovery journeys to get back to their confident selves. The photos were a massive hit taken by another family member (son in law James) shortly after this, they opened up to friends and family to join them on an empowering journey of rebuilding confidence by getting in front of a camera, this then expanded in to customers and later expanded to ANYONE who wanted to be featured. Buy appearing on our social media platforms, it allowed the women to feel the confidence and empowerment that these styling shoots offered, people of the local community grew in confidence and then further afield as we had more Models featured from around the UK.

Rather than most boutiques using the warehouses photos, 99% of our pictures on our website are taken by our inhouse photographer James and styled by our inhouse stylist Amanda.

We call this our #empoweringeachotherproject the women help us and our site to promote these style looks to real women, but the photo shoots also help empower them and give them the confidence by being featured in a professional photoshoot by a professional team with a wealth of industry experience. Some of our models have also gone on to use these pictures to create free portfolios and join modelling agencies and be feature on TV.

We are more than just a shop that sells clothes, and we are so proud of this and what we have done to help so many on there confidence building journeys. As what ever our issues and battles in life, we can over come anything with a little encouragement and a boost of confidence.... and at SIENNASKYEBOUTIQUE we are proud to offer just that here!!!



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