Baby Bath

help me im a mum

The dreams of dropping back to that size 4 figure you see in the magazines, is  a far cry from the realism of what actually happens... and damn right, you've become a mum and what a blessing that was. But somewhere in side we are torn with the image of the old us that we are used to know so well, and this new body that we just met, and can't see passed the saggy boobs and extra skin. 

Mother and Baby

Do not worry that is where we are here to help, having the experience ourselves of changing shapes and expert knowledge on all variations of shapes and sizes, we can help you gain some clarity at a time when all you feel like doing is crying at wearing one more maternity bra. 

Our friendly stylist will take all those worries away and whether you are a new mum or 20 years on still wearing those maternity bras and pants, we can help you, feel like you again!!

Packages from £100