A business meeting

Having over 50 years buisness experience, one thing we learnt is the importance of image in a buisness, whether thats individually or collectively,  as a group you represent the business and its ethos to impliment a brand and a service to your clientele.

We can go into your buisness and help discuss style and how image is important not only as a visual, but dressing the part also benefits you mentally to be more positive or assertive or friendly depending what you wear and how you are percieved by the customer. 

Book now to arrange a visit to your buisness amd see how we can work with your team to help boost confidence, not only in appearnce but help support the dynamics of your team to positively work together and create a enjoyable working enviroment for your collegues, thus rubbing off on to your customers.

New Hires


Group Packages available from £180

Working at the Beach



Did you know the clothes you wear can impact your mood and how you apply this to your work!!

Are you an individual starting a buisness, do you need to think about the message you are giving to your customers by what you are wearing? 

Are you working from home and feeling uninspired on what to wear for comfort and professionilism?

Do you need tips on social media and how to create a website and social media network that can support your buisness goals.

We can help you!! Whether its creating an image not only for you, but for your buisness moving forward, we can help you. 

If your on a budget and need help, we are the ones for you!!! with an inhouse photographer and web designer, stylist and beautician we have the skills to make your dream buisness become a reality.

Packages available from £100